The Matzevah Foundation

Since 2005, a group of Baptist Christians has been working with the Jewish Community of Poland in caring for restoring Jewish cemeteries.

The Matzevah Foundation, Inc. grew out of this relationship, advancing it today as a public charity. The Matzevah Foundation, Inc. is 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation established in 2010.

The Matzevah Foundation primarily serves the Jewish community of Poland and cooperates with the global Jewish Community to care for and restore Jewish Cemeteries in Poland. The name “matzevah” (מצבה) is derived from a Hebrew word meaning a memorial stone or monument that is erected in memory of a significant event or placed at the head of a grave. In Jewish cemeteries, the stone or matzevah signifies remembering and honoring the deceased and so that the grave will not be desecrated. This understanding eloquently captures the vision and mission of The Matzevah Foundation.

The Matzevah Foundation seeks to remember and honor the Jewish heritage of Poland by restoring Jewish cemeteries and reconciling Jews and Christians through participating in a common mitzvah. Stated simply we remember, restore and reconcile.

The mission of the Matzevah Foundation is twofold. Firstly, it will mobilize human and financial resources to care for and preserve the Jewish heritage of Poland by restoring Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Secondly, it will educate the public regarding the history of Polish Jews during and following the Shoah (Holocaust) in Poland.

The Matzevah Foundation cooperates closely with the Rabbinical Commission for Matters of Jewish Cemeteries and the Jewish Community of Poland; TMF partners directly with the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (FODZ), Fundacja Zapomniane, Staffordshire University, and the Auschwitz Jewish Center.

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