Auschwitz Jewish Center

The Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation was founded with the aim of creating a center of Jewish culture and education in Auschwitz.

Before the Holocaust, most of the residents of Auschwitz were Jews.

For generations, Jewish residents founded here their families and created an extremely rich and varied culture. The tragedy of the Holocaust put an end suddenly vibrant with Jewish life.

In 1995. In New York, he established the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation, whose aim was to create a center of Jewish culture and education in Auschwitz. For this task was set up a year later in Poland Foundation, a sister organization of the Jewish Educational Center in Auschwitz.

In September 2000, the Auschwitz Jewish Center was officially opened. The center is a non-governmental institution whose aim is to cultivate the memory of Jews – residents of the city, as well as educate future generations about the world, which disappeared forever during the Holocaust and teaching about the dangers of prejudice and intolerance.

Since September 2006, the Centre is affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. (Taken from “Mission and History” of the Auschwitz Jewish Center website).

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