Paul Ottey


Paul Ottey

Paul is a senior lecturer and course leader in Film Production. He teaches across a range of film production and film technology subjects with an emphasis on cameras and imaging technology in factual production. He has a background in mechanical engineering and technology.

After engaging with video as part of the engineering production process Paul moved into broadcast production working on a range of documentaries for SKY, FOXTEL and Channel 5 along with a number of independent projects. He spent a number of years working on crime programming for SKY dealing with contemporary and historical crimes.

He is currently working with a range of colleagues on the dissemination of various archaeology, crime science, history, and heritage projects for broadcast, exhibition and new methods of delivery such as VR and AR.

Stories of Survival

"Here, on Lubelska Street was a house where the gestapo lived. The localisation was such that whenever they stood on the balcony, they could see almost the entire ghetto. This way they were well aware of what was going on in the ghetto."

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