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About the project

About this project: “Using cutting-edge technology, we uncover the truth about cultural genocide and mass killings: to ensure that the stories of all who were victims are shared and to demonstrate where racial hatred and intolerance can lead."

Sacred Sites

Before the Holocaust, Jewish cemeteries were at the heart of Jewish communities, as places where history was preserved and remembered.

Cultural Genocide

During the Holocaust, the Nazis saw them as physical and symbolic expressions of Jewish culture. In an attempt to erase all traces of Jewish people, tombstones were toppled, graves desecrated, bones removed, and funerary houses looted.

Mass Killings

Not content with inflicting physical damage, the Nazis sometimes used cemeteries as execution sites, with mass graves excavated for (and sometimes by) those killed.

Stories of Survival

"To my dismay, when I arrived there, the cemetery was empty of all tombstones and in the middle was a dug reservoir holding water."

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Jacob Hennenberg, Witness and Survivor

Jacob Hennenberg

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This project was funded by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) under Grant No. 2016-597.
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